120 yrs later, Pine revisits the parlor

Bernard Gallagher
Trimming antique Longleaf Pine for the start row. Longleaf gets its name from the 4"+ needles that hang from the towering trees. Only 3% of the original forests - once among the richest ecosystems on the continent - remain.
Wide Plank and (almost) free of knots
Longleaf Pine has a striking uneven grain pattern and a Janka hardness rating that is comparable to Red Oak.
Row house parlor
Longleaf Pine was a common choice for 19th c. row houses - though used in a narrower vertical grain pattern that was sometimes called 'Comb Grade". The woods really picked up volume in the city after the Civil War when Northern timber companies made huge investments in virgin Southern Pine forests, which held an ideal storehouse of timber for the industrial revolution.

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