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“Mother nature coming back to bite us.” – An observer on the scene at Rockaway Beach, where much of the seven mile stretch of boardwalk is made from tropical Rainforest woods.

Surfing, boardwalk salvage, the Rainforests – it all comes together at the Imaginary Surfboard Co. Dave Murphy; designer-maker-surfer, bearded Brooklynite, is pictured here at the Unique NYC event (Nov. 17-18, 2012) in Chelsea. Incorporating reclaimed Ipe and Cumaru wood detailing and scraps from Patagonia body suits, the handcrafted and engineered boards elevate the body surfing experience and bring it down to ocean level.

The future of boardwalks in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy are still uncertain. Proceeds from the high value hardwoods can play a role in support of re-building the local communities.

When antique lumber isn’t reclaimed for flooring, paneling, furniture and other applications, it’s taken to the dump or wood chippers like this one under the BQE in Brooklyn, generally ending up as dyed mulch for landscaping.