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Reclaimed wood ages brown – at least when it’s not daily exposed to light. Outside of time, other factors result in a wide range of brown – wood species, age of boards, original saw blade orientation, use and it’s exposure to a mix of man made influences – from tobacco smoke, pickle juice and other food grade fluids. All of the browns in their ‘found’ condition evoke a warm natural quality, but with individual personality. The woods below are a collection of antique grade Spruce/Fir, Hemlock, White Pine and potentially other species – sourced from barns, residential buildings, mushroom drying boards and Worcestershire Sauce tanks. The design possibilities within the family of natural browns are limitless.

reclaimedwood_158cliftonjoist_021716The wood joists in the house aren’t being replaced by Blueline Construction – they were sistered at the start. A couple of 3″ x 12″ x 20′ reclaimed Pine pieces, coming off a local project, are being used as stringers for the first floor stair case. A hundred years ago, smaller lots of the joists, freshly sawn and green, arrived at a New York City building, by horse and wagon.

Bernard Gallagher and Frank Teo installing reclaimed Oak flooring at Brooklyn passive house. 3-5″ old growth woods “…grained and hued like pale Oak” (Joyce) from 19th c. farm structures in the Northeast. This is the first installation of reclaimed flooring at the house – to be followed by 12″ skip planed antique Eastern White Pine softwoods on the top floor.