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A short un-edited interview with Paul A. Castrucci, Architect at 158 Clifton Pl. Brooklyn. In September 2015, Castrucci was awarded the AIA NY COTE award in the townhouse category for R-951, the the first Net Zero and Passive House building in the city, Videographer: Sandra Beltrao.

reclaimedwood_paintcolorsAnnie Coggan, an interior designer (Coggan and Crawford), and professor at local Pratt Institute, works with a selected range of neutral colors against the skip planed antique Pine in the attic space. With the floors chosen or installed, paint colors came into play. While there are no hard and fast rules on color and reclaimed woods, Annie inter-changed a restrained (passive?) palette of neutral colors for each room, helping to reflect or throw more light around the space, create mood, define volume and frame the floors “…the woods are the diva”, she says.


The stair rail was an original detail of the house that remained, with floors, walls and other interior work replaced over the eras. But an old hand rail may be the closest we’ll get to shaking hands with every former resident of the house. A rebuilt staircase by Blueline Construction will use rustic Pine treads and risers, reclaimed Oak and Hickory spindles.


Antique Longleaf Pine survived and thrived from the periodic lightning strikes in the forests of the South – with the jagged gouge on the underside of this reclaimed wood table top evoking the sublime natural event, alongside the flat sawn figure of the wood. photo: Sandra Beltrao