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imageSome beautiful new CNC signage work by Brooklyn Woods – over reclaimed wood flooring from submerged and recovered Pine logs.

1 - Metal detection
The same goal as airport security - find and remove hazardous metal. Old nails break during removal, with tips of iron remaining lodged within these 1" x 4" boards.
2 - Hammer and Chisel
Here, Kalimba chisels out the surrounding wood to expose the lodged nail.
3 - The Nail Puller
Removing the exposed sub-surface nails with the Crescent nail puller, a long standing tool of the trade. The boards hope to be re-used as part of the 158 Clifton Pl. Passive House project.

passive house brooklyn duct workDavid White employs the ‘Duct Blaster’, checking for leaks in the ventilation system (installed by Alexander Sanchez of A C + H). The numbers were on target, with the the blaster – looking like something on loan from NASA – registering under 5% leakage.


Turning wine into windows. Klaas Armster inspects the reclaimed wine tank Redwood at Strout Millwork that is being prepared for the Passive House windows by Menck.