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The house is set up to receive solar panels on the roof – though that work was not in the initial passive house budget. When they’re hopefully installed, it will amp the beauty of this art-deco style Craigs List find in the baby’s room; paired below with a mix of re-milled barnwoods – Hickory, Beech, Maple, Elm and a piece of Walnut. .

This reclaimed Hard Maple flooring served an Edison Factory in NJ since the mid-1890’s. It was the early start of recorded music as the Edison Phonograph , with it’s signature megaphone attachment and hand crank operation was being released, crooning American parlors into the 20th c. This UK based record label pays tribute to the origins of their industry in the reception area at the Tribeca NYC space. The pattern of hard knock industrial wear is also a vibrant welcoming look, hitting the perfect design note. Maple is second only to Hickory in hardness among American woods.

Douglas Fir flooring, with it’s tree origins in the Pacific Northwest, can be an uncommon wood floor in the East. But in this new construction install, the owners salvaged the Douglas Fir joists of the former mid-century auto shop at the site. The bownish-orange tone of softwood species often call for some element at the opposite end of the color spectrum. Here, the design also layers the contrast of organic wood figure and color, with cast iron in a traditional radiator, painted blue black. The concise and elegant balance unfolds in the surrounding hallway with natural light and a wicker bulls head on the wall.

The scaffolding at the Brooklyn location is now removed to reveal the Shou Sugi Ban charred clapboard, utilising reclaimed Douglas Fir from the Worcestershire Sauce facility in New Jersey and formerly Manhattan, Windows in reclaimed wine tank Redwood by Menck.

The reclaimed wood stairwell may be the last step of the house to be completed, as the transition pieces on the railings need to be custom milled. But the exceptional work by Jim Hartin and his crew at Blueline Construction produced the rustic and finely crafted steps, carving out stringers from dense 3 x 12 antique Pine timbers that arrived from 514 West 29th St.- the ascent feels like earth underfoot.