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Air leakage in the windows is now the main theory behind a drop in energy performance here at the end of the Passive House construction in Brooklyn. A small specialized tool may be the answer. A kind of modified Allen wrench, it helps to tighten the gaskets that surround the wooden windows. The millenial old Redwood – discolored, finger-jointed and plugged in areas – still seems to be holding firm.

James Biber’s installation for Expo Milano, including a back drop of decking from the Coney Island Boardwalk that Sawkill Lumber supplied back in 2012, is being dismantled and sent to Hamburg, Germany.

Surprised to discover the blower door numbers had jumped higher from earlier reading, and outside of the passing zone. Troubleshooting underway at Sawkill Passive House. Investigation into the leaks, as they say these days, is the windows. A small but critical adjustment tool could be key.