We use the coolest wood in the world. When we started our company, there was one simple question: how do we reintroduce beautiful, though neglected wood back into the world? We knew that we were not going to just attempt to find material and clean it up and sell based on nostalgic or vintage ‘value’. It is not reclaimed wood. In taking wood that has a historical value, we are able to integrate that history into a conceptually and aesthetically new product.

What sets Sawkill apart is the not only the quality and history of its wood, some of which has been around for 1000 years, but also the intensity, focus, and care that goes into its rehabilitation and transformation. We source wood locally: from barns, industrial sites, houses, apartments, and bars. We intentionally seek out a diverse range of colors, grains, sizes and patinas.

There is always a tension between the past and the present, between the used and the unused. At Sawkill, we are aware, and respectful of that tension. We try and bring the past into the future, not appropriating history, but continuing a tradition of using natural materials for sustainable construction.


The raw timber is expertly milled and controlled for quality at each stage of production, resulting in a beautiful, durable product.

We provide architects, contractors, and fine woodworkers with custom milled dimensional lumber for a range of building and design applications.

Sawkill Lumber Co. stocks five acres of reclaimed wood, collecting the widest possible range of antique and vintage lumber and timber.