Father’s Day weekend started with the wheels turning at a reclaimed wood craft installation, held at the nearby Weeksville Heritage Center. Historical wood scraps from Sawkill were on hand, as participants created assemblages that included reclaimed Longleaf Pine, the Coney Island Boardwalk, Redwood Tanks, Antique White Pine, Charred Douglas Fir and other scrap woods destined for the landfill – and diverted to the refuge of Weeksville.

The day celebrated the opening of the exhibit, “Fashioning the Women of Weeksville,” which brought together clothing and historic images from the 1860s to the 1940 – and weaving together the story of the community through its garments. Founded by James Weeks in the 1830s, Weeksville was the first free black community.

The exhibit runs through September 30. For more information about Weeksville, the open hours and the exhibit, click here.

The Sawkill Lumber warehouse will be the site of a special Father’s Day event in Brookly on Sunday, June 18. Featured activities include a few perennial favourites – with a scrap wood spin – urban corn hole, barnyard mini-hoops and a test run of the Scrap Wood Derby! Music and more will be on hand from 10-5pm.

For some, it’s the ultimate Brooklyn dad’s experience – a chance to work side-by-side with your daughter or son on a reclaimed wood project. The event will feature a Build-a-Box workshop. Kids can then wax or paint their boxes. it’s no toss-a-way toy – but a 400 yr old tree.

This reclaimed Hard Maple flooring served an Edison Factory in NJ since the mid-1890’s. It was the early start of recorded music as the Edison Phonograph , with it’s signature megaphone attachment and hand crank operation was being released, crooning American parlors into the 20th c. This UK based record label pays tribute to the origins of their industry in the reception area at the Tribeca NYC space. The pattern of hard knock industrial wear is also a vibrant welcoming look, hitting the perfect design note. Maple is second only to Hickory in hardness among American woods.

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