Comparing Quality

What is the relative hardness of Heart Pine?

Heart pine measures 1225 on the Janka hardness scale vs. 1290 for Red Oak. According to the National Wood Flooring Association, however, it is 27 percent more stable than Oak. Many Colonial homes over 200 years old are still in service.

How wide can I go in heart pine?

Heart pine timbers may be two to five hundred years old but are often no more than 24 inches in diameter. It can take up to 25 years for a heart pine tree to put on just one inch of girth. Heart pine flooring is available up to 10 inches

Are reclaimed wood products from different companies of comparable quality?

There can be substantial quality difference between antique wood products from different companies. Is the wood kiln dried? What are the grading standards? What is the quality of the milling equipment? How much experience does the company have in milling antique woods? Can they provide samples that are representative of the product that will be delivered? There are many questions to ask that will help ensure that you receive the best possible value and quality. Antique woods are the foundation of a home and a statement about your values to future generations – this choice is only made once in a lifetime.

What are the grooves for on the back of the floor?

They are required to be consistent with the flooring industry. Historically, it is said that they were used to reduce the weight for shipping large quantities. Some people today say they do not serve much purpose, while others say they reduce any tendency the wood may have to cup. They definitely help the air to circulate a little around each board allowing the wood to “breathe” and if you are gluing to the subfloor, they provide added surface for glue adhesion.