Rough Shares Lux at Brooklyn Brownstone

280 Jefferson Ave #B-Dining-Open Kitchen-NYCRustic softwood floors seem like an unlikely choice for a classic Brooklyn Brownstone, which generally greets visitors with strip or plank Oak floors, or occasionally a rare Pine original, but the aged planks feel like a natural fit. The home was restored as a double duplex, with co-owners occupying each of the units. The floors were re-milled from a potato farms in Hadley, MA, with the original planks tongue and groove moulded at 5” widths, and long 10’+ plank runs. Along with their distinct virgin Hemlock grain, they retain an aged brown patina, original saw marks and a face nail pattern that is can be found in farm board planks. Wire brushed and finished, the floor unfolds with the charm and rich intricacy of an old map. The two units specified a slightly different surface – one ‘skip planed’ and the other left as-is – a subtle but ultimately defining quality of the separate spaces. This kind of design dialogue  – rustic and refined, rural and city, lights and darks – seems to characterize the project, and perhaps the lives and values of the occupants, a mental health care professional and a staff person with the United Nations.

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