Sawkill sponsored ‘Rocking PacMan’ – Best of Show at Bklyn Designs 2016

Sawkill sponsored “Rocking PacMan” by Louis Lim was awarded Best of Show at Bklyn Designs 2016. A backwards see-saw made from 400 pcs of reclaimed distillery Oak; it will now roll into the ICFF. It was nominated for an NYC X Design award, announced this evening at MOMA.

“Rocking PacMan is a bench about trust, balance and opposition,” says Lim. “It’s best described as a ‘love seat see-saw”; it requires at least two people to activate it; sitting on opposing ends, rocking each other back and forth as on a rocking chair, while stopping one’s partner with their feet.” “Through Lim’s backwards see-saw”, says Alan Solomon of Sawkill Lumber, “the salvaged material culture of a lost structure is renewed by contemporary design. “He stretches the limits of reclaimed wood,” says Klaas Armster, “It’s reclaimed, not rustic.”

It’s set against a backdrop of salvaged and re-manufactured woods from the Sawkill collection; each from a specific site: Potato farms and 19th c. industrial buildings, sunken river logs and pickle tanks, Bowling alleys and Japanese cargo crates, the Domino Sugar Factory and Coney Island Boardwalk.


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